I am David and I hold a bachelor’s degree in economics. Currently, I am doing a master’s in statistics at Humboldt University of Berlin. My interests range from quantitative finance to dynamical systems. While my bachelor’s thesis was about an evolutionarily game theoretic topic, I would like to dive deeper into the interplay of deterministic and stochastic dynamics governing (financial) time series during my further studies. I hope that this journal encourages other students to work on their academic interests at an early stage.


Though I’ve studied Business Administration, the broad selection of electives at Humboldt University enabled for a thorough investigation of one’s own curiosity that is allowed to reach beyond pure management, marketing or accounting. Personally, statistics and information systems were ultimately what I’ve found most endearing. My undergraduate thesis dealt with topic-modelling adapted to generate a latent space representation of the contents of scientific writers’ works to enable comparability and the application of distance metrics. I’m currently doing an internship, after which I will pursue a Masters degree.


My name is Lars and I am at the beginning of my masters in economics at Freie Universität Berlin. During my studies I’ve been especially interested in heterodox and interdisciplinary perspectives on economic thought. Disappointed by the mainstream curriculum I joined fellow students of the Network for Pluralism in Economics and together we have organized our own lecture series at the FU Berlin. I hope that this journal encourages students to follow their curiosity and delve deeply into topics beyond the standardized syllabus of their degree.


My name is Alex and I am currently finishing my economics undergraduate at the Freie Universität Berlin. I am interested in economic research, specifically microeconomic perspectives on poverty, inequality and development economics. Alongside my studies I work on these topics as a Research Fellow at the PROSPER Center of Economic Research for Prosperity in Lisbon. I would like to see better access to economic research and the scientific community for young academics and hope to further that goal through this journal.


I’m Arianna. I am a student of Economics at the Humboldt University of Berlin. I believe in the diversity of perspectives and cosmopolitanism. My main interests are geopolitics, monetary economics and empirical research. Currently, I am working as a student assistant at the German Institute of Economic Research (DIW) in the departments of Gender Economics and Global Markets. Since the beginning of my studies, I have focused on heterodox economic theories and have been actively engaged in sharing these economic perspectives among my fellow students in Berlin. Also, I love learning new languages.


Hey, my name is Joris and I am about to finish my undergraduate degree in economics at the Freie Universität Berlin. I am mainly concerned with complex interactions of individuals and institutions in the context of development economics. Together with the Kriwis Berlin (critical economists), I try to encourage myself and other students to broaden our horizon of pluralist economic approaches. Therefore, partizipating in the BSJE was the logical next step for me to support the curiosity of young researchers. Besides economics, I am mainly interested sports, particularly football.


Hey, I’m Cara and I’m currently in the final stages of my master’s degree in Economics. Starting in October, I will be a PhD candidate at BSE.
I chose to study Economics because I was interested in topics like inequality and poverty. How does inequality arise? What are the effects and how can we address them? I dealt with these topics during my studies and I would like to do the same during my PhD. Being able to answer such questions myself is just a great feeling. Research can give you that. I have a great desire to support other students on their way into research. That’s exactly why I’m on the BSJE team. Let’s research together!


Hey, I’m John and I’m currently wrapping up my bachelors degree in economics at FU Berlin. I’m interested in a wide variety of topics ranging from orthodox monetary policy and the petty details of central banking to history of economic thought. Basically anything concerning the macroeconomy. Personally I would like to research the macroeconomic dynamics and consequences of inequality. I am also a member of KriWis Berlin and was thrust onto the scene by fellow editors Cara, Lars and Max. Being confronted by the tremendous potential and capabilities in writing that young academics exert on the daily, I was immediatly inspired to join the journal when given the chance. Behavioral finance is my guilty pleasure.


Hey, I am Stella! I am currently doing my master’s in economics at the Free University of Berlin. My research interests lie in macroeconometrics, particularly its applications in development economics as well as questions of inequality and poverty. Accordingly, my bachelor thesis was concerned with the estimation and implications of basket weights in Latin American currencies. Throughout my studies, I felt that there were few opportunities for students to gain first experiences in conducting and publishing their own research. With this student journal, I hope to improve this, by providing a platform for exchange with like-minded students who are passionate about economic research. I hope you get in touch with us!