BSJE rests on four main principles

1. Encouraging students to work on their own research questions

In general, economics programs are designed in a way that knowledge and aptitude is tested via exams at the end of each semester. This leads to students rarely having the opportunity to think in depth about concepts covered in the lectures or beyond. Therefore, this student journal is meant to provide a platform for dealing with economic questions either in an applied or theoretical context by making the results visible.

2. Introducing students to the publication processes

Students considering a career in academia are rarely, if ever, introduced to the actual process of publishing a scientific work. A publication in this student journal not only provides an excellent opportunity to approach the idea you are working in a scientific and methodological manner, but also the opportunity to become acquainted with the peer-review stage upon a paper submission.

3. Providing students with information about scientific working and writing

Although we welcome submissions from every level of expertise, we do not expect a scientifically rigorous and immaculate submission from someone who has little to no experience or for whom this might even be the first submission. This journal is meant to encourage and embolden interested scholars to pursue their curiosity while ridding them of initial hesitance or even anxiousness regarding publication of their work.

4. Stimulating critical discussions among students

There are many theoretical or empirical ways to approach economic problems. Some innovative ideas may be unknown in the first place. We hope that this student journal stimulates critical discussions about both the contents covered by the lectures and how your fellow students have dealt with their own research questions.