An issue of this journal is planned to consist of three parts:

1. Non-peer-reviewed section (I):

Everything that is published in this section is, of course, checked in advance by the editors of the editorial board. But the contents do not undergo a peer-reviewing process. Here, you can hand in, e.g., a research report, where you draw upon and discuss current research without having a research question on your own, or a comment on an actual political situation from an economic perspective.

2. Peer-reviewed section (II):

In this section belong scientific papers written by students which will undergo a peer-reviewing. The basis of a paper can be a seminar paper or thesis, but the format has to be adjusted in order to contain continuity within the journal.

3. Interview with an economist (III):

An issue ends with an interview with an economist. It is meant to inspire students with respect to different approaches within economic research and the biographies behind those research.