Have you thought about submitting your work?

We would like to encourage you to do so. In order to submit a work, you have to register as an author first. Please indicate during the submission process, whether your work is a research paper (section II) or a non-scientific work (section I).

Research papers undergo a scrutiny more rigorous than that for work of other kind. Given the journal’s main contributers are intended to be undergraduate and graduate students we expect some of the submitted works to be seminar papers or theses. Since they are graded by a lecturer, the Official Peer Review can be circumvented if the given grade is very good. Otherwise, the work will first be read by members of the BSJE who can either reject or forward it to the Official Peer Review. Here, the work will be evaluated by PhD students. Once their decision is final, the paper will, once again, either be rejected, handed back for revision or accepted. In every stage, the BSJE will notify you about their decision.

Learn more about our submission guideline: